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Find your magic


Étoile, meaning star in French, has been a passion project for many years. I've ridden horses since before I could walk and in my day to day work often help to join the dots to help make things happen. I'm delighted that I could bring together my experiences to create this diary, and work with other equestrians to make it a reality.

Galloping Lusitano Horse, Mitico AMB, photographed by Rita Fernandes


Our mission is to help horses and riders feel positive and confident about the way they ride so that are able to achieve their goals. Whether that's a beach ride or a Grand Prix, we can all start shining.



Since day one, sustainability has been an absolute priority. We couldn't make a paper product and not be thinking about the environment in this day and age. We're proud to work with other small businesses (Archie Designs and Tansleys Printers, both based in Sussex) to create a product that is fully made in the UK, printed on sustainably sourced (FCS stock) with vegetable dyes. We're constantly working to improve what we do while always sticking to keeping a high quality product.

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