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Find your North Star

Something which has always been important to me is to have a passion. I think horses has been mine since before I can remember. I've been horse-riding for over 30 years and had my own horses for nearly 18 of those. Over the years I've been fortunate to have a number of horses. From an ex-racehorse, to a blue roan miniature shetland, a Dutch Warmblood and now a Lusitano. They've all been amazing educators for me and continue to teach me, along with the support of the amazing trainers and other inspiring riders I have access to each day how to be a better rider.

We each have our own journey

I understand the passion equestrians have. How much we want to constantly improve, even it's just in our day to day riding or competitively. Riding brings us a freedom, a way to escape everyday stresses but recent times have sometimes made it harder to find the focus. That's why I want Étoile to help you reach for the stars and find your North Star. At the same time we should enjoy the journey. And that's different for each of us. So start shining and let Étoile guide you to be who you want to.

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